Honda S600 – Suspension

Honda S600 Motorcycle Suspension

Motorcycle engine, motorcycle suspension.

Miata Parts

The original plan for the suspension was simple: Buy a Mazda Miata with a blown engine, take out front and rear subframes, narrow subframes as needed, weld subframes to Honda S600 frame.

This would have worked out reasonably well if not for the fact that the S600 is SO MUCH NARROWER than the Miata.

Miata Subframes
Miata Rear Subframe Narrowing

With the rear subframe narrowed the appropriate amount, the diff wouldn’t even fit. This lead to plan b: use the A-arms, but ditch the subframes.

Rear Subframe

This approach required a new rear subframe to be designed and built to accept the Mazda suspension arms. Fortunately, the lower control arms were so close together that they could just use a common tube on the bottom. There wasn’t a lot of accurate jigging for this; I 3D scanned the frame (that’s why there’s white powder on the frame in the images), drew the new subframe in CAD, and then cut the tubes as closely to the CAD as I could and hope that was enough to self-jig. It worked pretty well.

Rear Subframe Build 1 Rear Subframe Build 1 Rear Subframe Build 5 Rear Subframe Build 4

There were a few months between beginning this project and finishing it, and it got a little rusty in the interim.

Front Suspension

Unfortunately, the A-Arms on the Mazda were too long to use in the front, so I had to use custom arms that attached roughly to the stock pickup points on the vehicle side and to the Mazda upright on the wheel side.

car motorcycle suspension Car motorcycle suspensio 2Both front and rear use Yamaha motorcycle shocks. The first thing people do when they get a new fancy literbike is to swap out the exhaust and rear shock. This means there are a ton of pretty decent coil over shocks on eBay right now for a fraction of what they’re worth.

Finishing Touches

Frame before powder
RC51 for scale. I miss that bike.

After everything was located and welded onto the frame, I took it all apart and had the frame powder coated. I was going to sand it and paint it myself, but I remembered that I hate both sanding and painting.

powdercoat frame

S600 RC2
S600 RC1DIY car alignmentAlignment was done with this super expensive rig that consists of a 2×4, a creeper a big zip tie and two tape measures.

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Honda S600 Motorcycle Suspension


    1. I’m using about 4:1. I chose my ratio based on the fact that I’m not super comfortable with the idea of going faster than about 115 in a car that small 🙂

  1. Thank you for your reply, would you be able to replicate the front end suspension setup? I would buy it from you, my S600 has a S800 chassis which has front disc brakes and live axle rear diff.

  2. what tires your running on compound and size? also how light could you make the s600 to where it would do less stress on the trans, or could you get away with running a trans cooler to help.

    1. I’m running the Toyo R888s. 225/50-14 in the rear and 185/60-13 in the front. I’m at about 1300 pounds now but you’d be hard pressed to get it significantly lighter unless you start swapping out body panels with carbon. The transmission seems fine so far; it uses the engine oil so as long as you keep the engine cool you keep the trans cool; that’s part of the reason I’m using a radiator that is “too big”.

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