Put Motorcycle Engines Into Cars

Motorcycle engine in a car

A hot rod is, by a definition I just made up, a small vehicle with large vehicle parts. Years ago, someone figured out that you could take the engine out of a truck and put it in a roadster, and bam! Fast car. This modification has spanned the history of the automobile, from a hundred years ago in the California deserts to any one of a thousand LS engine swaps happening as you read this.  [Continue Reading]

The Most Dangerous Parts of Riding A Motorcycle; Safety With Statistics

Motorcycle Safety With StatisticsYou suck at driving. Well, I mean, not you specifically. You are great at driving. And me, I’m also great at driving. But everyone else? Everyone else sucks at driving. This is especially disconcerting for those of us who travel on two wheels, because while automotive safety has been steadily improving for vehicle occupants, it is still quite dangerous to be outside the car that drifts into oncoming traffic while the driver is liking his friend’s swipe-chat, or whatever it is you kids do these days. I mean, not you, but, you know, other people.

I’ve been dodging lunatic four wheelers for 15 years now and managed to not get hit by any of them up until a couple months ago when another driver decided my left leg should have 17 degrees of freedom. [Continue Reading]